Prélude non mesuré is written in the manner of Louis Couperin’s unmeasured preludes. One of these preludes is used as raw material, specifically the prelude in E minor from the Bauyn Manuscript, dated in 1658. This Metaludio is one of three on this CD that uses pre-recorded electronics. They consist of a pre-recorded track that also takes Couperin’s E minor prelude as raw material. The sounds of electronics are those of a sampled grand piano tuned to a synthetic scale: the Bohlen-Pierce tempered scale. This scale divides the twelfth into thirteen equal parts (13-ET), as opposed to our chromatic scale that divides the octave into twelve equal parts (12-ET). The amalgam of these two tunings give a unique sonority to this Metaludio. It is dedicated to pianist Enrique del Burgo.

Download electronics WAV file here